Rocketeer Parents

Leaders in the Home, the School and the Community

Engaged parents are essential to eliminating the achievement gap. We work with our parents to help them become powerful advocates for their children and their communities.

We work directly with parents, helping them become leaders at home, in the school and in their communities.

  • Leadership at home: Helping with homework, managing the household and serving as a positive role model for their children.
  • Leadership in the school: Leading community meetings, planning school-wide events, advocating for their children’s needs, and assisting in the teacher and leader interview process.
  • Leadership in the community: Being active members of their community, participating in advocacy groups and school boards, standing up for their students and their schools.

Our Three Pillars

"So many parents think they don't have the right to ask for something. So, we tell them we do have the right to speak, to say, to ask. Someone has to hear it from us.

Maritza Leal, Rocketeer Mother & Parent Leader

Read how Maritza, her husband Enrique & hundreds of other parents led the movement to open Redwood City Prep, giving families in their community access to an excellent education.