Rocketship Teachers & Leaders

Elevating & Celebrating Instruction

Rocketship Schools aren't just a great place to be a student—they're a great place to be an educator.

Teachers and leaders are one of the most important factors in student success. To ensure our students have access to the best teachers and leaders, we provide dedicated coaching, professional development and leadership programs to help them grow professionally and personally—regardless of their experience level.

We understand fulfilling our mission is only possible with outstanding teachers and school leaders. That's why we strive to create a fulfilling and engaging workplace where our teachers can grow. Our approach includes:

Our Three Pillars

  • Personal/Professional Satisfaction: We elevate and celebrate teaching, providing exciting and rewarding careers where educators feel empowered, appreciated and valued.
  • Professional Development: We help our teachers grow using embedded learning opportunities, personalized coaching and customized training as part of the regular workday.
  • Leadership Programs: We grow our leaders from within our schools, providing on-the-job leadership and principal training programs with a clear path towards long-term career goals.

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Build a Thriving Classroom & Lead an Excellent School


A Rocketeer's
Professional Pathways

Where do you see yourself in two years? How about five?

Are you a teacher who wants to lead a school someday or are you an educator who wants to lead from your classroom?

Whatever your goals are, there's a pathway for you. Click on each Rocketeer to see his or her career pathway.

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Professional Development

We discovered a funny thing about teachers: adults learn in much the same ways as students. We learn best when it's woven into our everyday activities and when we have the freedom to learn in our own ways.

Our professional development programs include on-the-job learning, one-on-one coaching in the classroom, as well as traditional training and collaboration time with other excellent teachers. Professional development is part of the normal workday, and every teacher gets 4-5 hours of integrated training and education each week.

Whether you're working to become a better teacher or preparing for a leadership role, Rocketship offers programs to help you grow. Every Rocketship teacher and school leader has the opportunity to follow their passions, working on special projects or leading other activities within the school.


Leadership Programs

It takes a special kind of person to lead a Rocketship school. Fortunately, we have a ready pool of passionate, experienced candidates right inside our schools. We grow the majority of our principals and school leaders from within the Rocketship system, providing rewarding career paths to help train and prepare teachers to become effective leaders.

Read more about our Rising Leaders program. 

Principal Preparation Program

Rocketship principals are instructional leaders first and foremost.  Our principal preparation program focuses on the qualities needed to be a good leader. We focus on building leaders first, helping teachers become effective managers of people, in addition to the traditional school management.

In our principal preparation program, participants work as assistant principals in schools with ongoing professional development, coaching, and mentoring. In addition to day-to-day responsibilities, our fellows also learn how to be an effective team leader: communicating, managing, inspiring, hiring and coaching.

Regional Founding Teams

We’re partnering with communities across the country to open new groups of Rocketship schools.  Successful school openings require strong leaders and teachers who are committed to their community and have a deep understanding of the Rocketship model at our current schools. 

Regional founding candidates join our team and commit to the new region.  Additionally, you will have opportunities to deeply engage with parents and community leaders to build a strong foundation leading up to the first day of school.