Rocketeer Students

Personalized Learning & Growth

We all learn in our own unique ways. From the time we're children until long after we leave school, each person has their own way of learning and advancing. Unfortunately, the traditional school system doesn't allow for that.

Our students—we call them Rocketeers--get personalized instruction targeted to their needs and tailored to their unique learning styles.

Our blended learning model combines traditional instruction, technology and tutoring, allowing every Rocketeer to learn at their own pace. And best of all, this model works for all students in the Rocketship program, whether they are catching up or racing ahead.

Our Three Pillars

Dynamic Learning Spaces

Innovation is in our DNA and we are continually figuring out ways to even better serve our Rocketeers.
We continue to explore ways to integrate technology with excellent teacher-led instruction to help meet the unique needs of every student.
In addition to the traditional classroom setting, enrichment and tech are a part of every Rocketeer's day.

Rethinking elementary school from the ground up is hard work, but we believe our Rocketeers deserve only the best!