Our Theory of Change

Learning, Growing and Sustaining for our Rocketeers

A message from Preston Smith, Co-Founder & CEO

In 2007, Rocketship embarked on an ambitious mission: Build a public elementary school network that would scale across the country in order to eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime.

When we started Rocketship, great things were happening nationally in public education, but the stark realities of the achievement gap were palpable. Today, in schools across the country, in a class of 25 Latino fourth graders, 20 won’t meet proficiency in English. By eighth grade, 90 percent of African American children don’t reach proficiency in math. Fewer than one in ten students who grow up in low-income communities will make it through college.

The kids and families of America, especially in underserved communities, deserve better. Frankly, our democracy needs better.  To eliminate the achievement gap, we knew we had to rethink elementary school from the ground up. So we began to shape a school model that focuses on developing and supporting excellent teachers and leaders; a model that personalizes learning for every student by dynamically rethinking how technology, tutoring and more can support educators and cutting edge instructional practices; a model that engages parents to become powerful advocates for their kids and communities.

With 14 million students in 13,000 failing schools across the country, Rocketship knew its model had to grow in order to reach as many kids as possible. Seven years, four regions, eleven schools and six thousand Rocketeers later, we’ve grown, we’ve changed and we’ve constantly improved. We now move into the next phase of Rocketship’s evolution.

Innovation happens in phases, not all at once. We’ve been in a growth phase and now it’s time for us to solidify that growth with a sustaining phase. Our focus now is to grow deep instead of wide. We will continue working to open schools in our current regions — Northern California, Milwaukee, Washington DC and Tennessee — as community needs arise and our work with local districts demands.

This strategy is an acknowledgement of our overall network success. Rocketeers in every region are making significant academic progress, our schools are performing in the top tier of schools serving low-income and English-language-learning communities, our teaching professionals continue to collaborate in a pursuit of excellence and our Rocketeer parents are engaging in our schools and transforming their communities. Transformational outcomes and change are occurring daily for our growing number of Rocketeers and families, and it is inspiring. I’m convinced that now we must sustain and solidify these gains before expanding them to additional regions.

While conventional wisdom in our space sometimes points to constant growth as a barometer of success, our barometer is, always has been, and always will be focused on rethinking elementary school from the ground up. Growth is not our mantra; eliminating the achievement gap in our lifetime is.

Rocketship has the opportunity now to solidify many successful innovations in our schools and regions and fortify our network for future impact. There is no question we will continue to grow. There is a clear need all over the country and more and more parents everywhere are demanding excellent option for their kids. Most immediately, our current wait list in our existing regions of over 1,200 students and families demands it.  We will first make good on the commitments we have made to our current and future Rocketeers in the region in and around Silicon Valley, Milwaukee, Tennessee and Washington, DC. As we replicate the quality, sustainability and success we have had in all of the regions we operate, then the Rocketship community will be ready for a new phase of growth.

Innovation, tenacity and an unyielding commitment to our Rocketeers and communities will always drive our work. Together, we can and we will eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetime.

Rocketship Parents Enrique and Maritza Awarded with 2015 Hart Vision Volunteer of the Year

Enrique and Maritza have redefined the category, as their volunteerism far surpassed the status quo. Beyond spending time in the classroom, attending community meetings and conferences, they fought and advocated for three long years to bring two high-performing school options to their Redwood City community.

Parents Transform Communities

Recognizing the Power of Parents as Leaders

Great schools and teachers can make a tremendous difference in students' lives, but nothing compares to the power of parents as leaders. We cannot have the same transformational impact on our communities as the parents who have lived in these neighborhoods for years.

Parents play a key role in our mission of eliminating the achievement gap within our lifetimes, advocating for high quality education and making a positive impact on their communities long after their students graduate from Rocketship.

Ongoing parental advocacy is the most powerful way to transform traditionally underserved communities into places where all kids have access to high-quality education options.

We're thrilled to see many Rocketship parents continue to engage in community organizing and local politics, working for quality schools throughout their communities. After watching their Rocketeers succeed and learning how we approach education, these parents have taken their advocacy efforts to the next level, attracting and organizing high quality middle and high school options for their communities and beyond.

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"Rocketship has changed my family's future by helping us realize what we are all capable of. My daughter has become a confident student and I have found my voice as an advocate for her and all children in my community."

Karen Martinez

Rocketship Parent & Advocate
Alum Rock Union School District Board Member